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Human Trafficking 101

February 2019

Through Healthy Teen Network’s partnership with the University of Maryland School of Social Work’s Prevention of Adolescent Risk Initiative, this elearning unit is available to learn about sex and labor trafficking. This unit is focused on specifics for the state of Maryland, but participants from any state can learn about sex and labor trafficking as well.

This is the first in a series of elearning units focused on human trafficking. Subsequent units include content specifically for medical providers, educators, parents, caregivers, faith-based professionals, and other youth-serving professionals to better understand the role they can take in addressing sex and labor trafficking. 

Estimated Time: 25 minutes

Via an interactive, self-paced unit, explore critical elements of sex and labor trafficking and steps you can take to support victims and survivors in your community. This unit promotes learning through stories, activities, and short quizzes. 

Learning Objectives

By the end of this elearning unit, participants will be able to… 

  1. Define labor and sex trafficking; 
  2. Describe signs each might be occurring; 
  3. Identify where in their community trafficking may be likely to occur; and 
  4. Identify appropriate steps members of the general public can take if they suspect they see human trafficking. 


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