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Welcome, Mariah!

Mariah brings an artistic lens to nonprofit communications, along with a passion for inclusive health education and access. 

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January 26, 2021

We are just so excited to announce our newest staff member: Mariah Cowsert joins Gina and Allison in our Communications department 

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Mariah Cowsert

Mariah brings an artistic lens to nonprofit communications in her role as Digital Content Creator. Mariah’s time at Healthy Teen Network will be spent creating and sharing new products and resources to make sure the professionals who work with young people have access to the latest research and the tools to help them use it.

She has a passion for diving deeper into (and helping bridge the gap between) health care and housing.

With the bulk of her experience working in social services and at affordable housing organizations, she has a passion for diving deeper into (and helping bridge the gap between) health care and housing.

She has a variety of projects under her belt that range from shifting the language about menstruation products at her former workplace to be gender inclusive of all people with periods to teaching free community journalism workshops at a public library in her home state of Michigan.

In her free time, Mariah can be found tending to her growing jungle of houseplants, making collage and textile art, reading Mary Oliver poems in nature, and experimenting with new vegetarian recipes.

At Healthy Teen Network, we believe that every young person has a right to live their authentic sexuality. And we see you, the professionals and caring adults, helping them do this. We know you do your best when you're connected to great opportunities and resources. That's why we're here...to help make those connections and support you. Read more about us.