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May Is National Sex Ed for All Month

 Community Leaders, Parents, and Guardians Lend Their Voice to Promote #SexEdForAll

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May 3, 2023

For Immediate Release

B altimore, MD May is Sex Ed For All Month, a time community leaders, caring adults, and advocates call on local school boards, parent-teacher associations, and lawmakers to invest in sex education that meets the needs of young people and support sex education programs that promote critical thinking, communication skills, sexual health and wellness, consent, and self-esteem. 

This month, Representative Pramila Jayapal will be introducing a resolution to support Sex Ed for All Month, and Senators Mazie K. Hirono and Cory Booker and Representatives Barbara Lee and Alma Adams will be re-introducing the Real Education and Access for Healthy Youth Act (REAHYA). REHYA would provide the first-ever federal funding for comprehensive sex education. REAHYA would ensure youth have access to the education, resources, and health services they need to make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health and futures.

The vast majority of Republicans and Democrats agree that sex education covering a wide range of topics should be part of school curriculum. Elementary sex education includes discussions on setting boundaries, understanding our bodies, preparing for puberty, and respecting different kinds of families. Conversations for middle schoolers are centered on healthy peer relationships, anti-bullying, and media literacy skills to support a healthy body image and improved self-esteem. At the high school level, sex education focuses on birth control, safer sex, communication skills, and healthy relationships.

“At Healthy Teen Network, we believe every young person has the right to live their authentic sexuality. That means making decisions about their own body and relationships—and feeling good doing it. Decisions about if, when, and how to parent—or not. And the freedom to become who they want to be.

#SexEdForAll is how we can make this a reality, ensuring equitable and accessible sex education for ALL young people nationwide.

Unfortunately, too many young people fail to receive the sexual health information, education, and access to the care they need to lead healthy lives.

Sexual and reproductive health is an essential part of adolescent health and well-being, and we must continue to explicitly call attention to the need–and right–for sex ed for all.”

—Janet Max, MPH, CHES | President & CEO, Healthy Teen Network

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Since 2019, May has been recognized as Sex Ed for All Month, as part of a national effort spearheaded by a coalition of sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice organizations committed to ensuring equitable and accessible sex education for all young people. 

“Sexual and reproductive health is an essential part of adolescent health and well-being, and we must continue to explicitly call attention to the need–and right–for sex ed for all.” — Janet Max, MPH, CHES | President & CEO

National activities are coordinated by the  Sex Education Collaborative—representing 23 national, regional, and state-based organizations with extensive experience training educators to deliver school-based sex education—in collaboration with the federal Sex Education Coalition, as well as other national and regional partners.

Get involved this month by telling us why you believe in Sex Ed for All by following and using the hashtag #SexEdForAll on social media.


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